Why Doctors Die Differently?

press_release_imageIn this interesting and *kind* article, the author lays out the fact that although many doctors order up loads of life saving measures for their patients–they rarely do so for themselves.
I say “kind” because as you read, the tone is not one of blame, but feels more like taking responsibility for one’s own wishes, and conveying them before the panic and chaos of ER visits, ICU, tubes and vents.
If doctors handle their own deaths differently, where’s the disconnect for the rest of us?
This is a good read..
How Doctors Die

This may be a way to broach the subject of advance directives differently than “I should be talking about this, blah, blah….” Maybe if we knew what doctors knew that informs their end-of-life scenario very differently– we’d want more of THAT.
National Health Care Decision Day was on April 16th, 2014, although it is never too late to plan.
Here’s a resource for more info: http://www.nhdd.org/
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