“Grief Informing the Good – Good Informing the Grief”

How would you get through the death of a child?

Not sure I could.

I seek these kinds of stories.
It is the triumph of the human spirit that always moves me, and offers an invisible helping hand when my difficulties, though they pale in comparison, seem huge.

The unspeakable grief of this family is birthing something good, and something good is allowed from the grief.  It mirrors the spiral symbology we use to convey this concept on our sites – the notion of cycles of life and death, no beginning and no end.

I marvel how this story can and will continue to transform both human and animal lives as a result of this one loss.

No life and no loss is ever meaningless.
If we let it, grief and loss connects us all.
Where there is grief–make a sliver of room for good

2.33 seconds of good…

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