Our Story

Dying well…

Yes, there is such a thing as dying well or a good death.  It may be hard to believe, but it happens!

What if you learned to be the facilitator of a good death? 
Helping someone die and supporting loved ones can be an awe-inspiring, and heart-opening experience. Until you have experienced that, it is hard to understand.

But that is where our story starts.

ourStoryPatty Burgess, Founder and President of Possibility, was introduced to death and loss, when she became a caregiver to her friend Rona. As Patty struggled to find ways to support her friend, it was hospice that helped Patty, help Rona face the end of her life.  For both Patty and Rona, the journey was about being fully present, exploring and making peace with death.  It transformed them both and turned into a humbling, fulfilling, and exhilarating path for Patty.

  • More training – to better understanding what the dying and their loved ones need and having the confidence to interact and support in a meaningful and transformational way.
  • More personal development – inherent in this work and infused into this training is a path rich for self exploration and development.
  • More experiential and heart-based exercises – to fully immerse into the experience of death, loss, life and hope.
  • More convenience – training in the comfort of one’s own personal space, 24/7, anytime anywhere – mobile, too!
  • More connection – connection to a community of other beings who wanted to share their time, compassion, hope and love with the dying

Typically this training only exists in a hospice setting. And sadly, most hospices don’t offer this level of training, nor do they offer the convenience of online learning, unless they work with our hospice level professional training. This training is unique and unparalleled in the industry.

We do not believe in holding this information back from anyone with a desire and calling to serve in this capacity, so we now make it available to you on an individual basis as well.

Get started with juicy, heart-opening, professional, affordable training here.

Learn How You Can Make a Difference in End of Life Care


I heard about your program from a friend and was happy for any help in doing what I love to do. I never expected what I received though. I has no idea this kind of training was out there.

Elizabeth Phillips

I told my children to release balloons into the sky upon my death. As for me, death is a graduation.

Dr. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross