Daily Spiral

Daily Spiral…

You might not even notice, until you do, and then you’ll see them….everywhere.

Spirals abound in nature, in art, and in the cosmos. Once you see them, you’ll be compelled to find more.

The spiral is depicted in art and artifacts within cultures as diverse as the Hindus and Celts, though it appears that no religion or culture has taken the symbol as its own.

Perhaps it belongs to all of us.

Wonderful, evocative words such as surrender, balance, progress, direction, connection, release, and transformation are associated with the spiral. These words, that are almost an experience in themselves, are woven in the re-framing processes we teach.

For us, the spiral image references life and death so poignantly. It has been associated with cycles, not a beginning or an end, rather a journey and a process.

The Daily Spiral messages are little mirrors of life’s journey, and yes, sometimes like a fun house mirror. The journey is up, it’s down, but when we look again, it changes. Just like being open to another way of looking at the events of our lives to find a bit more comfort and peace, we can do the same to help us and others re-frame dying and death.

The “The Daily Spiral” is a reminder to stay centered in our hearts, balanced in our spirits and connected to each other. Since we believe this is a journey and a process, sign up for The Daily Spiral and see where the spiral takes you!

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