Death Stories

Death Stories

Hilarious, Heart-breaking, Heart-Opening, Healing Stories about Death and Loss that Transform and Stop the Suffering

This collection of stories being compiled helps us transform Death, Grief, Loss and Fear into Meaning, Hope, Connection and Joy.

Is it possible?

You bet!

Most of us are no stranger to grief and loss in some form. Death of a human or pet life, death of a hope or a dream can be a sad, dark, morose encounter that many believe we just have to endure. I know the pain is real, but we may be at choice when it comes to suffering.

We tell ourselves stories, every day. Your story might be that you don’t feel good enough, or worthy enough, or that bad things always happen to you. Be it true or not, we live by the stories we tell ourselves, often on a deep level, since we’ve told them so often. So why not tell ourselves the stories we think/believe/know will be helpful, healing, heart-opening and even hilarious.

When it comes to death and loss, I like to think of myself as a “Death Storyteller”, mostly because I have a few good ones, and I never tire of hearing how the human spirit triumphs over so much on a daily basis. Though I too, have been in the bowels of pain over a death or loss, but the story I create around it gives me another perspective, a way to mitigate the soul-crushing suffering that could otherwise keep me in that place. Sometimes, the story I tell myself and others about the loss is meaningful, sometimes the story makes me feel connected–sometimes the story is just plain freakin’ funny.

Don’t get me wrong – death and loss itself isn’t funny….
But how we frame it can be meaningful, loving, purposeful and even funny. We get to choose the memories that live in us and others. And we can do that by the stories we tell. So make it a good one!

There is great richness in stories, and in storytelling. It is a much honored tradition in many cultures. It is how the world evolved, through the spoken word, before there was the written word.

I am putting together a book of death stories… the heartbreaking, the heart-opening, the healing and hilarious. I would love YOU to be a part of it. It will be a collection of stories about death, or what happened around the topic of death.

Tell us your story, everyone has one.

If you want to share your story, we’d love to give you credit, if we use it. Should you wish to remain anonymous, that’s OK too—we just don’t want to miss out on a good Death Story.

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