Rebekah Dawn, CEOLS

Doula Network: Rebekah Dawn, CEOLS

General Information


  • End-of-Life Specialist
  • Psychology BS with Thanatology emphasis
  • Community Herbalist
  • Ceramic Artist
  • Hospice Volunteer
  • Hospice Spiritual Support Team Member
  • End-of-Life Educator


  • Bedside vigil
  • Bedside music
  • Consultation
  • Home funeral consultation
  •  End-of-life workshops and classes
  • Customized hand made altar pieces
  • Customized hand made urns

A Personal Note

My life is a Labyrinth of art, plants, and psycho-spiritual health. I was brought to hospice on a spiral path. As a student with deep academic interest in death, I read every book I could get my hands on regarding end of life. Life brought death to me in a real way when two of my children died and my work with plants and my work with clay all became centered around this final transformation which we will all experience and we will have the opportunity to support a loved one through.

Death and grief are part of our architecture. I believe these are not punishments but necessary elements in our becoming more fully human.


“I held my urn. Hugged it. Shaped my hands around its curved waiting womb. Such an organic warm shape. What a wonderful thing simple clay has become. I am thankful. <3″  – Michelle

I am thankful. For all the amazing ways people invite me into their lives and share their precious stories with me. I am so grateful for this person, willing to approach her death as a birth while still fiercely loving life and grieving its passage.

5 out of 5 stars
” I LOVE LOVE LOVE this! I bought this piece in honor of my grandmother and I love having her in my home! Easy purchase, arrived as described (better!) and it was so safely packaged!” – Mike

“Rebekah makes me feel like a better person, just spending time with her is special”
– Jo Sussenbauch Hospice volunteer coordinator.
How sweet is that?

“Perfect in every way! So beautiful, resplendent, a true work of art! I am in awe of how much medicine resides in the gentle statue!” -Jonathan


Prices available upon request