Nina Patterson, CEOLS

Doula Network: Nina Patterson, CEOLS

General Information

  • Certified End-of-Life Specialist
  • Nina Patterson, CEOLS
  • Keswick Ontario Canada
  • [email protected]
  • (905) 868-2867


  • Certified End-Of-Life Specialist (CEOLS)
  • Hospice Volunteer
  • 2nd Level Reiki Training
  • Certified Yoga instructor
  • Birth Doula


  • Non Medical companionship and personal support
  • Beside Vigil support
  • Hospice advocacy
  • Guidance and support through the dying process
  • Caregiver support
  • Legacy and life review support / information / tools

A Personal Note

Having attended the last moments of my fathers and good friends lives,  I came to the understanding that just being present as one transitions is important.

Simply just holding space brought a greater understanding of death to me.

As a previous birth doula, I was aware of the thoughts and preparations that families went through bringing a human into this world.  I believe if possible, we should also be preparing for those who are ending this journey and to create a peaceful, loving space to say goodbye.


30 min consultation free - Fees to be determined