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6 Concepts to Master for Supporting a Loved One Who is Dying

To be prepared for the passage of a loved one can give great comfort in an otherwise chaotic, sad and uncertain time.

This FREE ebook can help de-mystify what happens when death is approaching so that your time can be “transformed” into the loving, connected opportunity that it can be. Learn the signs and symptoms of both the physical and spiritual aspects of death, and what you can do to help a loved one right now.

What to Expect When Death Comes explains what happens when death is imminent. Learn the signs and symptoms, and how your response can create comfort and connection during the dying process. This is a simple, loving, understandable guide that you will want to refer to as you support anyone who is facing death. How this guide helps:

  • Learn what the phrase “Dying Well” means
  • Examine personal questions about death. See what gets in the way of doing this work and helping someone pass
  • Discover the two dynamics of death—the physical and the spiritual, and how they can be handled for the greatest benefit for all involved
  • Learn about the different phases of death, and what signs and symptoms to expect in each phase
  • How to tell when death is imminent
  • Do’s and Don’ts when sitting bedside
  • How to make the person who is passing more comfortable
  • What happens to the body at the moment of death

This guide gently walks you through every phase and assists you with all of the questions and answers you have about…
When Death Comes.

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6 Concepts to Master for Supporting a Loved One Who is Dying