Meet Patty

Patty Burgess

  • PATTY BURGESS, President of Possibility
  • Founder, Teaching Transitions and Doing Death Differently
  • Trainer, End-of-Life Educator
  • Certified Grief Recovery Specialist, Grief Recovery Institute
  • Former Hospice Community Educator, Speaker
  • Author, ebook6 Concepts to Master When Supporting a Loved One who is Dying

We all live and we all die – two truths that can’t be argued.

For the majority of people, the space between birth and death hold their attention, and is the focus of their journey. But for Patty Burgess, the ending point of death, with its surrounding fear, stigmas and mystery, is a rich area to indulge her ever expanding curiosity and passion for heartfelt life experiences.

Patty’s experiences with dying and death moved her over the years through the hospice industry, from volunteer to trainer to community educator. While the work was enriching, Patty saw a significant void in end-of-life-care training. She began integrating her insights of “doing death differently” and saw that this approach to death dramatically changed those facing the end of life, their loved ones, and the caregiver/supporter.

Patty feels passionately that avoiding or ignoring feelings, fears and conversations about death and dying, sadly, also leads to avoiding or ignoring important connections, so needed at the end of life. There is a way to BE with the dying that is transformative. Living and dying can co-exist beautifully in any present moment. Patty’s passion has led to her experiential workshops, writings, outreach and now — the online version of the training. Here she teaches how to “Do Death Differently”, not be overwhelmed or afraid, but to even experience the joy, the passion and the exhilaration inherent in the honor of BEing with the dying.

Join us, take the training, and be part of a community that “Does Death Differently!”


What we really need to do is celebrate people out of life.

Ira Byock, MDHospice and Palliative Care Physician